chapter  7
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Living With Memories

Many survivors achieved financial security, raised families, and were active in community affairs. Nightmares are probably the most common symptom of disturbance among survivors. According to one study, more than four out of five survivors experience upsetting dreams. Their frequency and intensity vary from one individual to the next but they are often accompanied by screaming and feelings of anxiety, as depicted in the well-known film The Pawnbroker. Most often the survivors dream about what happened to them during the war, but sometimes these memories intermingle with more current fears, such as running and hiding with their children, who were, in fact, born after their liberation. Guilt is a normal emotion felt by most people, but among survivors it takes on special meaning when related to the Holocaust. Boaz and Eva Kahana, respectively a psychologist and a sociologist, looked at the lives of several hundred survivors residing in Israel and in America.