chapter  12
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The Concerto for Two Flutes

The only ‘double’ concerto for the flute that Vivaldi is known to have written is the ‘Conto per 2 Flauti Traversieri’ in C major, RV 533, which survives in an autograph score preserved in Turin, 1 and which in 1999 was located by Talbot in a set of coeval parts at Faenza, in the Biblioteca Comunale. 2 A few notational features of the score, including the use of the form ‘Fin.’ for Finis and the omission of clefs and key signatures after the opening system, suggest a date after 1730. RV 533 is one of the relatively few examples among Vivaldi’s manuscripts in which six parts are compressed into five-stave systems. In this instance, the orchestral violins are united on the third stave and follow the rubric: ‘Nelli Ripieni il Pmo Violo con il Pmo Fla: il 2do con il 2do’.