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Inventory of the Works for Recorder and Flute by Antonio Vivaldi

This chapter presents the inventory lists of all known works by Vivaldi – including lost ones – in which one or more flutes or recorders appears. In his compositions, Vivaldi employs four different types of flute, which he distinguishes by the terms: 'Flauto', denoting unequivocally the ordinary recorder. 'Flauto traversier' or 'flauto traversiere', or abbreviations of the same, denoting the ordinary transverse flute in d'. 'Flautino', denoting either a treble or a sopranino recorder. 'Flasolet', ostensibly denoting the flageolet, but, in view of the style of writing and compass of the only work to call for it, may possibly be used as a synonym for flautino: more precisely, a sopranino recorder. Accordingly, the inventory renders 'flauto' as 'recorder', and 'flauto traversier' as 'flute'. 'Flautino', a term that conveys unambiguously the smallest sizes of the ordinary recorder, is left as it stands. Finally, the inventory lists in full a number of authentic works by Vivaldi not originally containing parts for flute.