chapter  5
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Other Players of the Recorder and Flute Associated with Vivaldi

Information about other players of the flauto who were Venetian or who were active in Vivaldi's time is sparse. From the account by Quantz discussed earlier one might know that in 1726 the oboist and flautist 'San Martino' from Milan was present in Venice, where, according to the summary judgement of his young German colleague, he represented, alongside Vivaldi and Madonis, one of the few musical attractions of the metropolis. Outside the great 'music factory' that was Dresden, Vivaldi's music and style enjoyed great favour in Germany. The widespread interest there in wind instruments assisted the dissemination of Vivaldi works that included parts for flute. From the two extant compositions attributed to Buffardin, a trio sonata and a flute concerto, we can see that his style is Italianate in a general way, even if something of his French heritage remains.