chapter  3
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Exploring the legitimate use of authority: roles, rules, values, expectations and rewards

This chapter discusses values and the links to practice, in order to help the practitioner work in an ethical way, balancing respect for the client with organisational and social expectations. Much of the research into pro-social modelling has demonstrated how important the legitimate use of authority is to pro-social practice. Underpinning pro-social practice is the legitimate use of the authority vested in the practitioner by their role. Even practice described as ‘client-centred’ is underpinned by the workers’ value that clients should set the agenda. The prison service has taken great steps towards being a more humane organisation in the last few years with policies on safe custody and anti-discriminatory practice. Guidance on the use of sanctions and rewards in work with young people in secure accommodation identifies the requirements for ensuring that the system is seen as relevant and fair – in other words, legitimate.