chapter  9
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Being a pro-social manager: becoming a pro-social organisation

This chapter provides guidelines for managers in developing and embedding pro-social modelling in organisations. Behaviours and expressions that a manager needs to demonstrate in order to be a positive role model include: respect for the individual; punctuality; reliability; consistency; fairness; putting things right and assertiveness. A manager needs to use affirming; listening; open questions; reflection; supporting change talk and supporting self-motivating statements, in order to ‘coax, encourage, inform and advise’ staff towards contemplation. The task of managers is to ensure that rules are being enforced consistently through monitoring and supervision. A manager will need to encourage staff to think about how they will use their learning in interactions with clients and make sure that they are responsive to individual clients’ differences and similarities. All managers need to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage staff of a different race and/or culture to their own, or different in other ways such as sexuality or gender.