chapter  1
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The Man and His Ideas

Chou Wen-chung (original given name Wenzhi) was born in Yantai of Shandong province,3 China on June 29, 1923.4 His early years were spent in Qingdao and Beijing. Between 1928 and 1937 the family lived in Hankou of Hubei province and Nanjing of Jiangsu province. During his time in Nanjing, Chou studied violin and erhu5 at Jinling Junior Middle School, and learned to play additional instruments

1 Another version of this chapter in German appears in Eric Lai, “Chou Wen-chung: Der Mensch und seine Anschauungen,” trans. Gisela Oehlschlägel, MusikTexte, 118 (2008): 23-32.