Gottlieb Scheuner, ‘History and Documents Concerning the Relocation of the Community of True Inspiration’ (1866)
Pages 141

Some time ago while the editor of this Bulletin was looking for some old records he came across a detailed report of the removal of our society from Eben-Ezer in the State of New York to the new home here in Iowa. While most of us are familiar in a general way with the history of that important event, yet we found in this report a number of very interesting details not recorded in our printed history. Many little incidents of human interest throw side lights on the happenings of those eventful years and the thought came to us to use some of this material in our Bulletin. It will undoubtedly interest all of us and will help to preserve the record. It will help our young folks to become familiar with some of the hardships our forefathers went though in those pioneer days. We will begin with a brief synopsis of the events leading to the final removal to Iowa.