chapter  10
Hierarchy of Court Administration: Security and Continuity of Operations
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This chapter examines both physical security and business continuity. Security and continuity of operations are related and overlap to this extent: a court's computerized records need several security protections, as do its paper files. Thus, one stated goal of continuity planning is to avoid risks, which returns us in large measure to security. The Hierarchy of Court Administration parallels Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for humans. There are two broad categories of risks against which courts must protect themselves: physical harm to people and buildings, and corruption, theft, and destruction of computer and paper-based records. Electronic records are very important for courts that are working to improve the productivity of staffand judges to increase the accuracy of records and of data about case processing, and to help courts deal with short-term space demands. Records management is pretty low on court administrators' list of favorite topics.