chapter  7
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Assisted Reproduction and Embryo Research

This chapter explores that specific solutions adopted by the law in relation to the key areas of licensed fertility treatment. It focuses on in vitro fertilisation treatment involving the creation of an embryo ex vivo to be implanted in a woman's uterus for gestation. The chapter considers the law on gamete and/or embryo donation as it bears in turn on the interests of the immediate parties to such an enterprise, namely the potential nurturing parents, the gamete donors, and any child who is born as a result. It attempts to the field of assisted reproduction, addresses the additional complexities that arise when third party gamete providers are introduced into the picture by procedures such as Artificial Insemination by Donor ('DI') and egg donation. The chapter also focuses on one area where third party involvement in reproduction has aroused particular controversy, namely, surrogacy, in which a woman makes use of her gestational capacity to carry a child for others.