chapter  11
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Music Announcing

Popular music radio features a great range of announcing styles, from rapid to casual or laidback delivery. Announcers on classical music stations are not generally included in this term, even though their work has much in common with that of disc jockies (DJs). Because of the range of announcing styles on the air, one would do well to practice a number of stylistic approaches to popular-music announcing. Aside from cookie-cutter conglomerate stations with standardized and voice-tracked output, music at independent stations provides a range of opportunities for DJs. Community radio stations are found throughout the country and, while each serves a limited geographic areas, they are of interest and importance to their listeners. Mobile DJs perform live in dance halls, at birthdays, company parties, weddings, and other festive events. They represent a large and growing number of music announcers whose entire audiences are both with and before them.