chapter  12
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Sports Announcing

Sports announcing includes sports reporting, play-by-play coverage, and play analysis. Most established sports announcers devote themselves to one or two of these specialties, but nearly all beginners must become competent at all three. Sports announcers for national or regional cable systems are also well rewarded, but their work schedule is heavy: They may find themselves calling several games each week during basketball, football, hockey, and baseball seasons. As a sports announcer, one will generally interview players, coaches, managers, trainers, and owners. These interviews usually take place at a sports event or a news conference. Television sports reporters are less likely to do double duty as reporter and director than are their radio counterparts. Play-by-play coverage of football, basketball, hockey, and baseball accounts for most of the many hours of sports reporting on radio and television. As the play-by-play announcer at the highest levels of professional sports broadcasting, one have help from a broadcast staff and team management.