chapter  3
Voice Analysis and Improvement
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This chapter focuses on pitch, volume, tempo, vitality, and voice quality. Medium- to low-pitched voices are generally more pleasant than high-pitched voices. A sensitive, top-quality microphone can enhance the natural resonance, but even the best equipment can work only with what one give it, and a voice that's thin or lacking in resonance can be significantly improved only by its owner. Correct breathing requires that one maintain good posture; that their neck, shoulders, and face be relaxed; and that one breathe from the diaphragm. To begin a regimen of breathing exercises, one needs only to count aloud and see how many numbers can say without effort. Common voice problems are nasality and denasality. Nasality is caused by allowing air to exit through the nose, rather than the mouth, when sounding m, n, and ng. Denasality is caused by a blocked nasal passage, and often is present when one is suffering from a cold.