chapter  5
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Audio Performance

Microphones are classified in two related ways: according to internal structure and pickup pattern. The ribbon, or velocity, microphone contains a metallic ribbon, supported at the ends and passing between the poles of a permanent magnet. In the dynamic, or pressure, microphone, a lightweight molded diaphragm attached to a small wire coil is suspended in a magnetic field. The Pressure Zone Microphone is a condenser mic designed to allow direct and reflected sound waves to enter the microphone at the same time. To be mic conscious is to be always aware that the misuse of a microphone will result in a flawed or failed performance. Generally speaking, mic fright is caused by one or more of these conditions: inexperience, lack of preparation, lack of self-esteem, lack of mental preparation, and dislike of one's voice. Taken one at a time, these observations may help one on the path to self-confidence as an audio performer.