chapter  6
Video Performance
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This chapter focuses on television performance. Television makes much use of both wired and wireless lavaliere mics, and it's important to recognize the limitations of this convenient and unobtrusive instrument. Camera consciousness begins with understanding the needs and limitations of cameras and recognizing the problems faced by camera operators and those controlling robotic cameras. Television performers working with robotic cameras receive instructions and cues from directors over an interruptible foldback that fits in a performer's ear. Robotic cameras require announcers to be even more careful in hitting marks, because a camera moves to preprogrammed positions, and their lenses are prefocused. Scripts are used in live television primarily by news anchors, usually as a backup to a prompting device. On entering the television studio for a rehearsal or performance, make note of the placement of microphones and cameras. As with audio performances, one should critically review their television performances to identify areas to work on and to assess improvements.