chapter  9
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Visually Realizing the Fictions of H. Rider Haggard

This chapter considers some of the early illustrations in the fictional writings of H. Rider Haggard as a case study and explores the ways in which Haggard's illustrators visually realize moments of music in his texts and respond to the ideas in his work. Many of these musical illustrations relate to Haggard's presentations of the Other or 'Oriental' and they frequently support and further the ways in which Haggard uses music to other his non-European characters. The Ayesha trilogy and Allan Quatermain works are primarily set by Haggard in his contemporary Africa, yet it is a secret, undiscovered Africa with close links to the 'Orient' and ancient Egypt. The othering and orientalizing musical devices established by Haggard in his texts filter into the consciousness of his illustrators and so into the resultant images in the publications, reinforcing the Other nature of Haggard's non-European romance characters to his readers.