chapter  4
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Tables of Linguistic Features Suggested to be LBH in Major Publications

First, some other linguistic features that scholars occasionally consider

‘late’ or LBH are cited elsewhere in this book (see index). In addition,

the many features cited in these tables could be multiplied further by

including items mentioned here and there in other studies. Indeed, it is

possible to suggest a nearly endless list of LBH grammatical and espe-

cially lexical characteristics since anything non-standard in any LBH

book can be called ‘late’ or LBH following the methodology adopted by

many scholars. The sources cited in Volume 1, 5.2 (n. 2) document a

large number of suggested LBH features. We should also make special

and phrases ‘late’ or something similar, although BDB is far more liberal

related to the previous point, it is important to point out that many of the

linguistic features, grammatical and lexical alike, suggested by scholars

to be LBH are doubtfully so since, for example, they do not have a

in Volume 1, 5.4.2. The principal criterion for describing a feature as

‘LBH’ is that it is characteristic of the principal LBH writings of Esther-

Chronicles. However, many of the features cited in the tables below fail

to meet this basic requirement.