chapter  1
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Survey of Scholarship on the Dating of Biblical Literature

In Volume 1 we introduced the role of language in assigning dates of

origin of biblical writings. Our main focus was principles and method-

ology and we looked systematically at (1) similarities and differences

between the language of biblical books in ABH, EBH and LBH, (2) dia-

chronic, synchronic and scribal explanations for linguistic differences

between these, and (3) the role of extra-biblical sources in linguistic

analysis. Often our discussions spoke broadly about the language of the

nine core EBH books (Genesis-Kings) in comparison and contrast to the

five core LBH books (Esther-Chronicles) or eight undisputed postexilic

but we also looked

In this chapter we wish

to shift our focus and survey scholarly views on the origins (author, date,

reference to the linguistic evidence scholars have cited in arriving at

these conclusions.