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Chapter Fourteen: Instrumental Music (3): the Post-World War 1 Generation

For a number of young composers, their coming to maturity coincided with the 1920s, the Jazz Age. In Britain, the Royal College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music now met strong competition from other conservatoires both in London and in the provinces. There was no longer the major figure of Stanford at the RCM, although Corder was, for a little while longer, still at the RAM. Rawsthome wrote the music for twenty-one other films, apart from The Cruel Sea. Both William Alwyn and Benjamin Frankel were also prolific film composers, Alwyn producing sixty and Frankel over one hundred film scores. If film music had become one of the more financially rewarding substitutes for theatrical incidental music, it had a not-too-distant relative in the music sometimes needed for radio productions of drama. Eric Fenby sacrificed much of his early manhood to heroic attendance on his stricken fellow Yorkshireman Frederick Delius.