chapter  Twelve
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The Mature Years: Beyond the Capital Controversy

Joan Robinson interests continued to broaden, though most of her technical articles did indeed concentrate on the exchanges on capital theory. The reception of her work in economic journals continued to vary. Robinson wrote Economics: An Awkward Corner in the summer of 1966, "when current happenings provided a painful illustration of its main thesis," which was that "the notions of laisser-faire, that business men know what is best, are contradicted by the evident need for planning to maintain 'a high and stable level of employment'." The major problems she saw at the time were those of inflation and imbalance of international payments. Economic Heresies is a systematic comparison of the different streams of economic analysis as Robinson viewed them. Joan Robinson was seventy-one years old when she made the commencement address at the University of Maine entitled, "Morality and Economics," which so moved Vandoorne in its published form. The capital controversy had continued to depress her during her seventies.