chapter  4
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The Phase of ‘Pioneers’

Bombay University was the first to introduce sociology for research and teaching in 1914. The phase of development of sociology in India according to M. S. A. Rao, covers the period from 1914 to around 1950, which is considered by Ramkrishna Mukherjee as the era of the 'pioneer' of Indian sociology. Sociology of 'pioneers' has been generally distinguished from that of post-independence era. Of all the pioneers, G. S. Ghurye is said to have commanded a very high degree of influence on the course of sociology before 1950. The contributions of Radha Kamal Mukerjee and D. P. Mukerji are quite significant in the context of the recognition and growth of sociology in Indian academic universe. D. P. Mukerji was another stalwart among the pioneers. The historical approach of most of the pioneers has been questioned on account of the dominance of evolutionism and diffusionism in their studies.