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Introduction Our Music Has Become a Divine Spirit

Music and Identity in an African Town

Dzigbordi music attracts a wide range of women, who share their songs, humour and resources in service of the community. The song text uses the idea of transformation to compare the power and vibrancy of the group's dance-drumming to that of a divine spirit. The Bremen missionaries recognized the connection between music, religion and identity; hence the insistence of changing a person's name as a precursor to changing their behaviour. The Female musicians will learn that the songs sung by Dzigbordi women actually form an important body of oral literature that documents the struggle to keep traditional music relevant in the changing times of a contemporary African town. The female voices embodied in the text often recount deeply personal moments from their lives and music and the role women play in sustaining and developing Ewe Culture. The chapter also presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book.