chapter  22
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The Athena HCI assessment suite

The Athena HCI assessment suite addresses HCI integration at five levels: itemised HCI implementation, operator functions, co-ordination of operator functions, operating situations, total system/teamworking environment. These build a bottom up appreciation of system integration from HCI implementation to whatever provides the cohesion required for team working. This five level model covers the processing stages between the world outside, and the detail of control and display elements. The key is the OODA loop. The eventual system must integrate three principal components: operators, mission context and process control task. The integration activities are work design, job/task integration and total system integration. The assessment suite is based on a progressive refinement of mechanical integration, towards the removal of all impediments and the provision of support for all interdependencies to operating the system ~ to produce a design which will not overload its components or participants when in operation.