chapter  27
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The element of trust: identifying key components of trust for HSC domains

This paper aims to discuss trust, identifying similarities and differences as elements of interpersonal team and technological relationships. A brief review of trust will be discussed emphasising the need for research to focus on finding new strategies to promote and nurture trust in the work place, particularly within human supervisory control (HSC) environments. Over the last few years, fluctuation within organisations and the escalation of automated systems, has brought about reduced and disbursed labour. The impact of these changes has lead to greater variety in working patterns, emphasising the importance of co-operation and teamwork in achieving organisational success, (Dunphy and Bryant, 1996). From examining the literature, common elements can be identified that may be adapted into a workable framework to explore how trust is fostered and maintained within and between teams, specifically considering remote teams and how this interrelates with developing technologies.