chapter  34
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Fitting the mental model: a new technique for computerised event recording

The FIT-System is a new technique for online and onsite event recording with personal digital assistants (PDA’s). FIT means flexible interface technique, that is the users can design their own event recorder interface without any computer interaction on a paper template by using hand-written texts, sketches, etc. The template covers the touch screen of the PDA and the user can interact directly with the system by pointing on the paper template with a pencil. The FIT-program of the PDA stores the input data with the time codes and the co-ordinates of each typed point. Different records can be stored and templates can be change during the observation. A routine on a personal computer does the job of analysis, statistics, presentation and management of data records. The advantages of the FIT-system are the use for various applications and the short cognitive distance between the users mental model and the recorder interface.