chapter  6
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Learning to lap-dance: an apprenticeship

The feelings of anxiety and the sense of separation from the existing dancers, as depicted in the opening extract, was common among new dancers. The title of new girl, which was regularly used in Starlets to describe new dancers, suggests an acknowledged divide between different dancers. These differences were apparent in the sets of behaviours associated with the new girl, and which help one recognize it as a definitive stage. On entering Starlets' changing room for the first time, a new girl was likely to experience the scrutiny of other established dancers in the club; Melissa, in the example illustrated in this chapter, was no exception. Physical appearance was inevitably the first aspect of the new girl that was assessed in relation to her body shape, hair, facial features and clothing: both work and non-work attire. New girls, from getting to know the different 'personalities', would quickly become aware of the importance of having positive relationships with the other dancers.