chapter  1
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The exhibition

WithGiles Velarde

Exhibitions come in all shapes and sizes. As a result they mean many different things to different people. The whole purpose of an exhibition is to persuade people of the good quality of a product; to make them consider purchasing, rather than actually purchase. The illustrations of trade fairs demonstrate exhibitions in the widest possible variety, from the simple stall to the multi-decked, island site, exhibition stand. The exhibitions were probably displays of goods for sale on market stalls. Many a city with a dynamic Mayor and a go-ahead Chamber of Commerce has considered the possibility of having a world fair. In the late 1970s a dynamic local businessman and member of the Chamber of Commerce decided that the economy of that romantically-named Tennessee town needed a lift. It is most important when considering exhibiting within a shell scheme-based trade fair to try and pick a site at the earliest possible moment. There are many factors affecting the selection.