chapter  4
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The brief

WithGiles Velarde

At the possible stage all the information to be communicated must be available, ideally as part of the brief. The actual effects of an exhibition were either guessed at or optimistically forecast. The opening date is another vital bit of information required in the brief. The cost is an integral part of the design brief. Once the decision of venue is taken, the site—the actual specific area within the venue on which the exhibition will be placed—is the next vital piece of information. There are specialist exhibition editors or scriptwriters, and if there is a fair amount of information to be expressed, rather than just simple labels for exhibits, it is at this stage that these professionals should be brought in. Ideally, however, exhibitions are about things—to see, hear, touch, smell or even taste. An exhibition in a museum or gallery may be tied to an anniversary or a gap in the museum's programme of events.