chapter  6
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The principles

WithGiles Velarde

A well-designed exhibition is one whose sales and/or security staff can see through, round or over the exhibits and the informative space. Many exhibitions have counters where administrative space meets public space; these must be adroitly sited and ought to be provided with solid fronts, so that tired attendants can relax their legs and feet out of sight of the visitor. Most temporary exhibitions have attendant managers and representatives who need room to relax, loosen smart clothing for a while, have a cup of tea or change into uniforms. A good plan is either subconsciously or consciously easy to follow; visitors know where they are, relative to the exhibition and the world outside, feel consequently more at ease, and so more receptive to the information displayed. Information must be the basis upon which all exhibition planning eventually takes place. 'Story' titles make evocative and inviting exhibition themes.