chapter  29
Gramophone Company, Limited v. Stephen Cawardine and Company [1934] 1 Ch 450.
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By s. 19, sub-s. 1, of the Copyright Act, 1911 : .. Copyright shall subsist in recorda, perforated rolla, &nd other oontrivoooos by means of which aounds may be mechanically reproduced, in like manner aa if such contrivoooos were musiul works, but the term of copyright shall be fifty yearo from the making of the original plate from which tbc contrivoooo was directly or indirectly derived, ood the peraon who waa the owner of such original plate at the time when such pl&te was :made shall be doomed to be the author of the work, and, where weh owner is a body corporate, the body corporate shall be deemed for the purposes of this Act to reside within the parts of His Majesty's don:rinions to which this Act extends if it baa established a place of busineoo within such parts."