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Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio: A Self-Perpetuating Myth

Caravaggio is the most renowned Old Master. More articles, books, exhibitions, films and novels have been devoted to him than to all of his contemporaries combined. From a methodological point of view, owing to the sheer volume of the existing material across the various genres, it was impossible to offer a comprehensive picture of everything that is available on the market. Regarding Caravaggio, without the twentieth century's renewed interest in the Baroque, his art would never have been fully appreciated and his myth would never have reached its current proportions. Interestingly, one of the key arguments used by art historians who see Caravaggio as belonging to the Baroque is his realism. The chapter also focuses on some shifts in the art industry and in the way exhibitions are conceived as these factors have had a major impact on Caravaggio's fortune beyond the world of art history. It also presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in this book.