chapter  4
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Caravaggio and Homoerotic Concerns

The chapter consists of four fictional works: The first two are the 1982 French novel Dans la main de l'ange by Dominique Fernandez and the 1961 poem 'In Santa Maria del Popolo' by Tom Gunn. The other two fictional works are the 1986 film Caravaggio by Derek Jarman, and the 1989 novel The Caravaggio Shawl by the American author Samuel M. Steward. St Paul was very important for the real Pasolini who saw in him the creator of a new and oppressive law and 'a closeted homosexual who becomes sick with a devastating and mysterious disease when he first senses his homoerotic desire'. Giuseppe Resca compares the two versions of The Conversion of St Paul noting how, whilst in the Odaleschi one the conversion manifests itself as 'violenza imperiosa’, in the one which is now in San Luigi dei Francesi, it is depicted as a kind of seduction or 'prepotenza suasiva'.