‘Life Insurance’, Religious Intelligencer (1835)
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This means that the Life Insurance Company, in consideration of an annual premium, will pay to the heirs of any man a certain sum of money. For instance, a minister 40 years old having a family and no property but his salary, desires to provide for his family in case he should die. To such a man the Insurance Company says, “pay us $1,69 on a hundred dollars, and we will pay your family as many hundreds as you will insure, provided you die within the year. Or pay us $1,83 on the hundred annually, and we will do the same provided you die in seven years from this time. Or pay us annually $3,20 on the hundred, and we will do the same whensover you may die – the obligation continuing during your life." The premium varies with the age of the person – the older he is, the higher the premium. By this means the minister of 40 years old will secure to his family, in case of his death the current year, the payment of $1000 by paying in advance the premium of $16,90. Or the obligation may be prolonged for seven years by the annual payment of $18,30. Or it may be made permanent by the annual payment of $32.