chapter  Chapter 7
Celebrity in cyberspace
Micro-celebrity and globalization
WithRobert van Krieken
Pages 20

The techniques of celebrity production are themselves also subject to processes of globalization, spreading ‘like a virus’ around the world. Theresa Senft observes that a key characteristic of micro-celebrity was its interactive nature, with camgirls engaging in constant emotional labour to build and maintain their popularity and nourish their relationship with their audience, and she sees this as a continuing important aspect of all contemporary micro-celebrity. At every point of the emergence of new technological and related organizational and structural innovations, either a new space or sphere was created, or an old one was significantly changed, in ways that transformed the structure and dynamics of celebrity society. The proliferation and expansion of the field of celebrity itself makes celebrity’s role as an attention trap even more significant and increases its commercial value. The more the base of the celebrity pyramid expands, the higher its peak will rise.