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Locating the Indigo Children

This chapter introduces the methods employed for the research as a result of Indigo Children characteristics. These methods include both online and offline approaches. The initial method for the seeker methodology in online fieldwork was non-obtrusive observation, or "lurking". Methods chosen for this research included: non-obtrusive observation, the archiving of online materials through taking pictures or "screengrabs", participant observation both on- and offline, the taking of field notes on interactions, and more structured methods such as interviews, surveys, and free-listing surveys. The majority of material gathered from the Indigo Child community is textual in nature; even photos and graphics are posted online with descriptions, overlaying mottos, or hashtags. It is also important to discuss how such analytic methods of handling material are not neutral projects. The chapter describes in detail the social media locations in order to understand the methods employed in engaging with the Indigo Children through them.