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The parental account of the Indigo Child

This chapter examines how parents describe their children as "Indigo" and provides a broad mapping of the forms and resources that they bring to bear in doing so. A principal case study, concerning Emma and her daughters, will be examined to offer an initial analysis of the categories being applied to the child in this parental account. The chapter describes that analysis by drawing on material encountered through online discussion groups, events, social media posts, and interviews organized for this research. This wider analysis refers to the accounts of Indigos themselves as w well as those of the parents of Indigos. The categories drawn out through the analysis of Emma's account, and those of the Indigo community, will then be placed within wider academic considerations of New Age products, biographical narratives in particular. The chapter shows that Emma's account contains four elements. These were: sensitivity, intelligence, interactions with other realities and this one, and psychic abilities.