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Diagnosis and healing

This chapter explores that identifying, or being identified, as an Indigo operates as a diagnosis for the sum of the symptoms of the individual. It argues that the diagnosis of being an Indigo Child also heals the individual. Through examples from the Indigo Children community, the chapter shows how this healing occurs in two ways: first, for the Indigo, the diagnosis or realization of their true nature may involve an awakening that is understood to cure the problem physically. Second, the diagnosis may involve retrospective reassessment: prior medical problems are recast positively as signs of being an Indigo Child, and the "dis-ease" with society is seen as logical when the Indigo Child's purpose on this planet is to overturn this restrictive system. In order to explore these two modes of healing, this chapter focuses primarily on "biographical narratives presented by Indigos, first through an interview with "Gary" and then through other testimonies.