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An Indigo prophecy of the New Age

This chapter begins with a description of a lecture on AuraTransformation, given by Berit Reaver, which the author attended at the London College of Spirituality. Ardener's description of prophecy as providing the language with which to speak about a collapsed category raises the question of which category is collapsing in the case of the Indigo Children. Their denouncement of the current social paradigm, the unnatural directions of scientific progress, and the problems of accepted structures such as capitalism might initially suggest these events are the catalyst, as within their rhetoric this social commentary explains the world's need for the Indigo Child. The assumption that the Indigo Child is something novel, both by the academic community and the Indigo community itself, is a compartmentalization of the phenomena. The Indigo Children concept and community lie somewhere between these two extremes of religious form: its teleological program, intentional millennialism, cosmologies, and online institutionalization do indicate some systematization.