chapter  1
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Chronology: AD 449/50–610

WithTimothy Venning

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: 'High King' Vortigern of Britain invites the Jutish captain Hengest and the Angles to bring three shiploads of mercenary warriors to aid him. Aetius summons the peoples of Gaul to join his army against Attila, and Theodoric the Visigoth of Aquitaine originally attempts to remain neutral. Plague in Italy; Attila invades, razes Aquileia, and devastates Northern Italy but Marcian sends troops to Ravenna and Pope Leo leads embassy to Attila's camp at River Mincio near Mantua to call on him to retire; probably due to fear of plague and Eastern troops not Church displeasure, Attila retires to Pannonia. Death of Attila during night after riotous wedding-feast to celebrate his marriage to Ildico; succeeded by son Ellac but subject tribes plot revolt. The province of Lugdunensis refuses to recognise Majorian and is assisted by the Burgundians; Majorian besieges and recovers Lugdunum from Burgundians, and increases its taxes for defying his authority until Sidonius Apollinaris persuades him to remit them.