chapter  2
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Chronology: AD 611–751

WithTimothy Venning

Exiled from Burgundy by queen Brunhilde, St Columbanus and his missionaries convert pagans in the Swiss region, founding a monastery at Mehrerau on Lake Constance; one of their small hermitages will later be refounded as the abbey of St Gall after its first leader, his follower Gall. St Columbanus arrives in Milan to preach to the 'Arian' leadership of the Lombard kingdom under king Agilulf; the latter's queen, Theodelinda of Bavaria, is a Catholic and helps persuade her husband to convert. The conversion of most of the kingdom follows. Probable date of the death of the long-reigning king Rhydderch 'Hael' of Strathclyde, son of Dumnugual and ruler since the 570s; his contemporary and protégé, who dies around the same time, is St Kentigern the founding bishop of Glasgow. Chlotar and his army are called in to help the rebels who promise assistance, and attack Brunhilde's and Sigebert's army.