chapter  3
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Chronology: AD 751–840

WithTimothy Venning

King Cuthred of Wessex defeats a rebellion by an unknown 'arrogant ealdorman'. He also fights his probable overlord, Aethelbald of Mercia, at the battle of 'Beorgford', probably Burford in the Cotswolds; it is unknown if the two events are connected and Aethelbald is trying to overthrow him. Revolt by the Saxons, and they attack Westwards; Pepin marches to repel them. Bishop Hildegar of Cologne is killed by the Saxons at Iburg near Osnabruck, but Pepin drives the Saxons back to Rehme near Minden. On his return home he is told that his rebel nephew Grifo has been killed in Gascony. Pepin's troops escort the Pope back to Rome; Aistulf opens talks, and a peace-treaty follows which presumably involves his promises to restore all land taken from Pope. He hands over forty hostages to Pepin. Pepin goes home without waiting to see that Aistulf keeps his word, probably in case of any political trouble after Carloman's death from his family adherants.