chapter  4
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Chronology: AD 840–962

WithTimothy Venning

The Wessex 'ealdorman' Wulfheard of Hampshire defeats a raiding Viking force of thirty-three shiploads at Southampton. Later 'ealdorman' Aethelhelm is defeated and killed by the Vikings at Portland, presumably where they have camped by the secure harbour. King Feidlimid of Munster leads his army into Midhe to raid the Ui Niall lands and insults his enemy, 'High King' Niall 'Caille', by camping at the High Kings' traditional ceremonial 'capital' at the Hill of Tara; Niall does not attack him but raids his allies' lands in county Offaly. Neither see the raiding Vikings as their primary target let alone think of combining against them. Bernard turns up to meet Charles at Bourges and excuses his lack of help in winning over Pepin or his men, but Charles does not trust him and attacks his party by surprise; Bernard flees in time but is impressed enough to agree later to fight for him.