chapter  3
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Organising and leading

This chapter introduces the researchers to establishing a group and running a campaign. It offers a basic introduction from a student's perspective; there are a great wealth of organisational texts and guides out there for richer detail. Key details for establishing a group are: board or committee; objective, aims and mission statement; constitution and by-laws; strategic plan; company registration or incorporation; and website, e-mail and social media presence. The board or committee of researchers' group will need a clear division of labour, with roles and responsibilities included in the constitution. A sensible and preferably uncomplicated leadership structure is also required. Researchers are trying to get the cost of a drug lowered – stakeholders would include the pharmaceutical manufacturer, the health systems who purchase it, doctors who use it and patients who are intended to benefit from it. There will also be other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or governments who want it cheaper and so on.