chapter  7
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WithAda Nifosi

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the proceeding chapters of this book. The book investigates the life of women in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt and focuses on the social perceptions of coming of age, menstruation and childbirth in the complex society of Greco-Roman Egypt. It provides evidence for two very important aspects of this: firstly, the social perception of reproductive processes like childbirth and menstruation at this time in Egypt was the result of a remarkable synthesis of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Jewish and Near Eastern cultures. Secondly, Greeks and Romans introduced into Egypt a new set of cultural and social values, which had a considerable impact on the social and legal status of women and children. The book shows that Greco-Roman Egyptian society was the result of a combination of ideas and beliefs from the Near East, Dynastic Egypt, Greece and Rome, blended together into a unique culture.