chapter  1
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Introduction to CO2 Reduction through Advanced Conversion and Utilization Technologies

WithYun Zheng, Bo Yu, Jianchen Wang, Jiujun Zhang

Energy is one of the most important strategic resources for societal advancement and a national economy. Global consumption of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas have still increased significantly in recent decades, thus increasing the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere greatly and leading to undesired climate change and environmental destruction. Therefore, the development of advanced energy conversion and storage technologies should be explored in conjunction with the exploration of clean, renewable alternative energy sources, especially solar radiation, wind, and so on. Over the last several decades, numerous efforts have been focused on the research and development of materials and technologies about CO2 conversion. There is a need for a comprehensive introduction for CO2 conversion technologies in the production of useful fuels and chemicals. Key topics such as the fundamentals of CO2, typical CO2 conversion technologies, electrochemical conversions, economic analysis of CO2 conversion into useful fuels and chemicals, and technical and application challenges are introduced in Chapter 1 and discussed in this book.