chapter  3
11 Pages

Enzymatic and Mineralized Conversion Process of CO2 Conversion

WithYun Zheng, Bo Yu, Jianchen Wang, Jiujun Zhang

Enzymatic and mineralized conversion processes of CO2 conversion are discussed in Chapter 3. Environmentally friendly carbon mineralization is an advantageous technique for sustainable, long-term development. The raw materials for CO2 carbonation are cheap and easily available, while carbonates product is outstandingly thermal stable. However, the limitations of the conversion process, such as low carbonation rates, high energy penalties, and costs, hinder large-scale development of the technique and needs to be further resolved. Enzymatic conversion of CO2 is one of the most widespread processes in nature that convert CO2 into organic materials, and it is absolutely essential for life and biological evolution. Enzymatic conversion of CO2 is advantageous because it is highly efficient and pollution free thanks to the specificity and selectivity of biological reaction. In addition, the mineralization of CO2 is valued for its large-scale CO2 storage and conversion of CO2 to chemicals.