chapter  5
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Low-Temperature Electrochemical Process of CO2 Conversion

WithYun Zheng, Bo Yu, Jianchen Wang, Jiujun Zhang

Chapter 5 gives a brief introduction about the thermodynamics, electrolyzer, and catalyst/electrode used in the low-temperature electrochemical process of CO2 conversion. As an approach to produce low-carbon fuels (e.g., CO, HCOOH/HCOO, CH2O, CH4, H2C2O4/HC2O4 , C2H4, CH3OH, CH3CH2OH, and others), low-temperature electrochemical process of CO2 conversion is challenged by low catalytic activity, low selectively of products, insufficient stability, and the innovative electrocatalysts for the CO2 electroreduction at low temperature. To overcome these obstacles, experiments and theoretical modeling are necessary. Additional fundamental research and understanding in this field are needed to give guidance for those novel catalyst developments.