chapter  8
26 Pages

High-Temperature Electrochemical Process of CO2 Conversion with SOCs 3

Key Materials
WithYun Zheng, Bo Yu, Jianchen Wang, Jiujun Zhang

Chapter 8 introduces the key materials, including electrode, electrolyte, interconnect, and cell sealing materials, which are the indispensable components used in cells and stacks. Oxygen electrode materials, which typically play a critical role in SOCs, are highlighted. In addition to the reaction mechanism of the oxygen electrode process, the main categories of perovskite-based MIEC oxides containing perovskites, double-perovskites, and Ruddlesden-Popper phase oxides are introduced. Tt is proposed that tested studies for key materials need to be performed to further enhance the efficiency and durability of SOCs. To achieve this goal, the development and applications of advanced characterization and measuring techniques are essential.