chapter  8
Beyond the RNR-GLM Debate
Two Futures for Offender Rehabilitation
ByRonen Ziv
Pages 18

Chapter 8 takes the analysis in this book beyond the RNR-GLM debate. This chapter discusses two possible futures of offender rehabilitation. One future envisions the RNR model and the GLM as fundamentally incompatible models that should remain independent treatment paradigms, which continue to compete with one another. The other future sees the value of each model and seeks to integrate an adequate integration. Within the above two futures for offender rehabilitation, Chapter 8 presents a specific integrated model with a correctional framework that aims to promote the legitimacy of rehabilitation in intervention programs while assisting offenders to build a healthier identity. This new independent model-marked the Risk-Need-Responsivity-Motivation model (RNRM model)-opens up new promising ways of doing effective treatment that will reflect the spirit of both RNR and GLM.