Modern Grammatical Phonetical and Lexicographical Studies since 1860
ByClement M. Doke
Pages 107

For the purpose of considering in some order the large amount and diverse nature of the contributions to people's knowledge of Bantu languages in modern times, it is necessary to put forward some classification of the Bantu languages themselves. They are to be found in the North-west corner of Bantu Africa, and are mostly distributed throughout the Cameroons and the Gabun district of French Equatorial Africa. There is distinct evidence that the languages have been influenced by semi-Bantu and Sudanic languages. They cannot be considered typical of Bantu linguistically, even as the people are not typical of Bantu physically. The languages of the northern zone are found in parts of Kenya Colony, Uganda and the area of Ruandar-Urundi of the Belgian Congo. Though this does not cover a very large area, it is the most densely populated part of Bantu Africa.